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Sarah is a former Shimmer Sydney

 Bohemian Girl Repaint
Rachel Graves
Evenstar Designs


"Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?
Thou are more lovely and more temperate...."

"Sonnet XVIII"





Sarah sports denim on  a crisp autumn day.

Denim jacket by Tonner.
Faded denim jeans by Mary Moe.
Jewellery by Nika Designs.















Pretty in Pink






Sarah is casually attired for a warm autumn day
in a pretty pink ruffled blouse and faded blue jeans.

"Just Devine" pink ruffled blouse by Tonner.
Faded blue jeans by Mary Moe.
Pink "Glinda" boots by Tonner.
Necklace and earrings by Nika Designs.












Sarah in Summer



Summer Days

Cotton print halter top and matching pedal pushers by jcygnet
Earrings by Nika Designs



Sarah ready for some Summer fun.



Sarah ...  soft and luminous as Nature itself....



Simply lovely Sarah




Emerald eyes ....






Sarah is enjoying the warmer weather
in a lovely pink top and floral skirt.

Pink tank top and floral skirt by Halo.
Jewellery by Nika Designs.















Sun-kissed Sarah is relaxed and natural in her baby blue hand-knit cardigan
and comfortable baby-wale cord jeans.

Cardigan by Yarnbug
Jeans by jcygnet







Winter Portrait

In celebration of the holiday season,
lovely Sarah abandons her casual lifestyle and dons a fabulous silk brocade gown

Silk gown and matching bolero jacket by jcygnet.
Silver micro-bead choker and earrings by Emberwilde.







Sarah 's jewellery by Emberwilde.



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