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(nee "Petra")

Marisa is a former Wintergreen Sydney

(Jennifer Wadkins)


"Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
 who is already sick and pale with grief that thou her maid art far more fair than she."

"Romeo and Juliet"





Feeling Fall-ish


Blouse, suede shoes and earrings by Effanbee
Suede skirt by jcygnet







(Love those shoes!)






Summer Afternoon


Caribbean Stripes Pant Set by Tonner
Jewellery by Dakota Blue Designs







Marisa wears a refreshing gown of cool turquoise,
with a matching turquoise and silver lariat necklace and earrings.


Turquoise cowl-neck gown by April Doyle.
Lariat necklace and earrings  by Dakota Blue Designs.



Marisa's beautiful blue eyes are perfectly accented by the turquoise blue of her gown.








The first crisp days of Fall sent Marisa searching for her furs.
 It's still too warm for a fur coat, but just right for some delightful fur accents.

"Avenue Chic" dress by Tonner Boutique, custom tailored by jcygnet.
Earrings by Facets by Marcia. 





Summer Time



Hazy Days of Summer




Marisa is ready for the warmer weather
in her colourful  boutique separates.

Floral halter and matching skirt from FAO Tonner Boutique.
Multi-coloured gold rings earrings by Facets by Marcia.











Peridot Princess

Marisa's pale green silk sheath is by The Franklin Mint.
Her gorgeous peridot jewellery was custom made by Designs by Imzodi










Winter Portrait

Magnificent Marisa graces an icy blue confection of embroidered satin, lace and pearls.

OOAK gown by SistersNL
Jewellery by The Franklin Mint





Stylish Marisa wearing Tonner's limited edition "Portland Convention" dress and hat.

OOAK white pique coat by jcygnet
Handbag from Madame Alexander's Alexandra Fairchild Ford Collection "Editor in Chief".





Marisa is gorgeous in burgundy and gold.

OOAK silk suit "Wine Country Weekend" by LaCouturière
Jewellery by Ursa Lunar





Autumn Splendour

Marisa models Tonner's "Wild Rice" hooded cardigan, perfect for a crisp Fall day.
Brown corduroy pants by jcygnet.
Jewellery by Ursa Lunar







Marisa, the sunshine of Matt's life?

Marisa's sweater by Tonner Boutique
Pearl strands by The Franklin Mint






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