Jane's Doll Haven




is a
Hand-painted Limited Edition
 Kinetic Doll Giselle
Park and Zun



















Elyse's dress by Auguste












"Winter White" shell and "Roadster" jacket by Tonner








Black cocktail dress by Affordable Designs by Denis Bastian
Fur stole by Joe Tai
Necklace by Facets by Marcia









Turtleneck sweater by Madame Alexander
Turquoise skirt by Tonner
Striped tights by Doll Secrets
Jeweled belt by Fashion Royalty
Gold disc earrings by Hot Flash







Autumn's First Chill


Pink Hampton sweater from FAO Boutique
Brown no-wale corduroy jacket and pink hand-knit scarf by jcygnet
Bell bottom trousers and cap by Somers and Fields, Daisy and Willow Collection
Burgundy velvet shoes by Tonner Boutique








Burberry Stroll






Farmer's Market

Brown wool sweater by Tonner Boutique
Faded blue jeans by MaryMoe
Earrings by Ursa Lunar
Straw bag by Effanbee














Black cashmere sweater by FAO Boutique
Pink Skirt by Tonner
Black Fishnets by Doll Secrets
Black Ghillie Tie Shoes by Tonner Boutique
"La Croix" necklace by The Finishing Touch













Elyse's "Just Divine" suit by Tonner
Soho Stripe Sweater by Tonner Boutique
Caribbean Stripe hat by FAO Boutique
Handbag by Fashion Royalty

















"Hampton" twin set by FAO Boutique







EEElyse looks charming in a lovely floral crepe dress.

"Posey" floral crepe dress and pink cardigan by FAO Boutique

Necklace and earrings by LuckyClucky



Sweeter Than Honey





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I am in no way affiliated with any doll company including, but not limited to, The Robert Tonner Doll Co., Effanbee Doll Co., Madame Alexander Doll Co., Kish Doll Co., or The Franklin Mint.  All photos are the property of Jane's Doll Haven, and may not be used without my written permission.
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