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An All  Hallow's Eve Tale


All Hallow's Eve...Halloween to some. That mysterious, ghostly night
when goblins and witches abound...or so they say. Gavin smiled to himself as he recalled
his friend Rob's admonitions against visiting the cemetery this evening. Especially this cemetery,
as the infamous ghost, the Lady of Hallow's Eve..."Lady Eve"...was said to visit every year on this night.
There were many stories about her. That she had died young and before she had a chance at love.
 That she was forced into a loveless marriage. That she had died of a broken heart.
That she had committed suicide when her lover was lost at sea. 
Whatever the story, it always ended with her endlessly searching the grounds on All Hallow's Eve.
 Gavin was recently back in town after a long absence, and wanted to pay his respects to his
grandparents at their final resting place. Nothing would deter him.
Especially silly stories of ghosts.


He recalled their grave was near a beautiful angel monument.. He had always admired it as a child,
standing guard over all the families therein.  That angel was a beautiful lady. Gavin wondered if all the talk of the "Lady Eve"
was by some drunk and frightened fool, who upon seeing the lovely angel saw a ghost instead?  As he paid his respects,
his attention was drawn to a movement in the distance. Was it just the rustling of the dry autumn leaves?
The air had grown much cooler, and he drew his warm coat around him.
Peering more intently, he was amazed at what he saw....


A woman. A beautiful, graceful woman.
How quietly she moved....  He was afraid to move himself, for fear of startling her.


He stood perfectly still, gazing intently on this vision of loveliness.


Almost imperceptibly, she turned in his direction. Had she seen him?  He thought he had remained motionless.
He did not feel that he was even breathing...had she heard the pounding of his heart?


Suddenly, she stopped and gazed right at him. Her eyes locked onto to his, and time itself stopped.



 How beautiful she is, he thought. I could look at her forever.
Gavin took a deep breath, closing his eyes a brief moment, locking her image in his mind.
He glanced up, ready to speak to her. To ask her who she was, and why she was here.


Gone! Nothing!
Gavin looked frantically around. Where had she gone?
How could he have missed seeing or hearing her leave? 


His eyes fell upon the statue of the angel.  A statue?
No, it could not be possible... could it?
She had inexplicably touched his soul. Gavin knew that he must find her.
It was his destiny....


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